Monetizing Expired Domains With Traffic

 At the end of 2022 I bought an expired domain with traffic that I found on I checked Google Domains to see if the domain was available and it was, so I bought it then and there. In the months since then it has amassed over 3000 views.

Last year I tried launching a few different websites and did a lot of reading about how using expired domains with traffic could get you views if you forwarded that domain to your new domain, so I found a few domains that appeared to have traffic and bought them. One of them was the domain this website is currently using. I quickly gave up on my idea of launching a new website and so I was left with a few domains doing nothing, and decided to add a blog to them just so I could add some backlinks to them of other domains I had.

Last 12 Months Traffic on Blogger with Expired Domain

Christmas and New Year came and went, then a few months into 2023 I remembered about the blogs and decided to go delete the blogs and the domains but then I checked the analytics of each blog and saw that one of them had 3000 views and the other had over 2500. This gave me the idea to try monetize the blogs by adding Google Adsense to them. I couldn't do this before because the blogs had no content so couldn't get approved. Since then I've added a few more posts, a navigation and a few more pages such as an About Me page in the hopes it gets approved. 

I've also begun blogging about making money on Blogger so once monetization is approved I will keep an up-to-date record of how much my blog is making passively as I don't plan on writing many posts, maybe once a year. Follow a long if you want to see how much my expired domain with traffic can make with Google Adsense.

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